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Refer a friend

Know someone that is interested in new opportunities? Qualify for a £200 Voucher!

Do you know someone who is looking for their next role or challenge? Or maybe you’ve seen a vacancy that one of your friends would be perfect for.

If your colleagues, friends or peers are looking then they will want to speak with us. Refer them over and we will pay you £200 for every successful placement.

We support career development in multiple ways, and everyone is a winner!


Referrals will not qualify for the scheme if Dove & Hawk has been in contact with the referred candidate at any time 12 months prior to the referral being made.
Referral candidates must be placed within 12 months of the referral being made.
Where more than one person introduces the candidate, we will operate on a first-come, first-served policy.

Payment will be made when the candidate has completed 3 months of employment.
In the event of any disputed rewards, Dove & Hawk’s decision will be final.